Friday, July 5, 2013

Apple's iPhone 5 is the most hated handset


  • The iPhone 5 was the most criticised handset on social networks 
  • One in five comments about the phone were negative following its launch
  • Samsung's Galaxy S4 received the least complaints on Twitter and blogs

Apple's iPhone 5 received the biggest customer backlash following its launch in 2012, according to new research.
One in five posts on social networks were critical of Apple's most recent handset, with the majority of people complaining about the introduction of a new power socket, the inaccuracy of Apple Maps and how similar the phone was to previous models.
Samsung's Galaxy S4 received the least complaints - just 11 per cent - according to figures from analysts We Are Social.

We Are Social scanned Twitter, blogs and forums following the launch of four major handsets - Apple's iPhone 5 in September 2012, Samsung Galaxy S4 in March this year, the BlackBerry Z10 launch event in January and Nokia's launch of the Lumia 920, first announced in September 2012.

The iPhone 5 came in for a barrage of complaints for everything from its lack of innovation to its new power connector socket and its mapping application. Apple added a Lightning to 30-pin power socket to the iPhone 5, which meant previous Apple users couldn't use their older chargers to charge the new device.
Apple then charged extra for an adapter.  Previous iPhones used a Google mapping application but this was replaced with Apple Maps in the iPhone 5. This led to complaints about misplacement of landmarks, poor satellite images and wrong directions.

Less than a fortnight after the launch, Apple issued a statement apologizing for the frustration Apple Maps had caused customers and recommended they try alternative mapping apps.
There were also complaints about picture quality of photos taken on select iPhone 5s, with some customers saying there was a purple discolouration on images.
Other iPhone 5 owners were left angry when the coating on their handset chipped off, exposing bright aluminium underneath.


  1. First impressions on launch day are not as significant as the firsthand experience of owners.

  2. Funny Brett but, the majority of complaints comes from iPhone 5 customers not just launch-day first impressions. Good try though. I bet some people might even fall for your attempt at misdirection.

  3. While there were certainly some controversial issues upon the iPhone 5's release, equating this with "most hated" is hyperbolic. For instance, one can be aggravated that they have to buy an adaptor in order to use an existing dock, but it doesn't nearly rise to the level of hatred. Likewise the fact that one app (Maps) was a step backwards in some respects, is an annoyance that can easily be overcome. Since the early days when the offending data was collected, low cost third-party lightning cables and adaptors have become available, and Apple's Maps continues to be improved.

    One should also consider that people generally have higher expectations of Apple than they do for any of its competitors. Anything short of magical perfection seems to be cause for complaint.

    I trust JD power and Associates whose business is doing this kind of survey, over the biased reporting of the Daily Mail. The iPhone is still #1.

    1. Man, you are about as blind as they get. A complaint is a complaint. If someone owns a device and says "I hate this thing", well than they hate it. They are expressing frustration and dislike for the product. It's common sense which you seem to lack. Either that or Apple is paying you to conjure-up these weak-ass defenses.

      "You are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence." -Evil

  4. Brettm you sound really stupid.  You are trying to trivialize actual complaints from the actual owners.  A quick parousal of the Apple support forums will show you that.  Do you also think those Holocaust survivors blew things out of proportion?

  5. "South Koreans reported higher customer satisfaction with Apple products than home-grown Samsung phones, with fewer people reporting problems with their iPhones than their Samsung Galaxy devices."

  6. Those sales sure argue against the claims being made here.