Why I hate Apple

In a nutshell, this is why I (and a lot of people I know) hate Apple.

1. Their products are overpriced.
2. Proprietary devices, cables and file formats.
3. Lack of customization.
4. False sense of security and poor attitude about it.
5. Closed architecture.
6. Less features than competition
7. Products are over-hyped
8. No standard USB support on iOS devices.
9. Fewer free apps than Android
10. Arrogance and smugness of employees and users.

The popular and very dangerous perception is that "Macs never get viruses" is being proven to be a marketing message rather than a security reality. Apple might not have made the claim of invulnerability explicitly, but that's the understanding that many people have been left with. In the last few days a thousand forums rang with statements such as "Macs don't get viruses because they are UNIX based" as though being UNIX based was some sort of magical charm against the possibility of exploitable code.
Given enough time and effort, all operating systems can be exploited. There is no deep philosophy within the structure of UNIX that makes UNIX like operating systems immune to compromise. UNIX was one of the first operating systems and it's unlikely that through random chance the OS is inherently secure, especially given that it wasn't designed from the very beginning with security in mind (security has certainly been added - but there is no magical component within UNIX that makes it unexploitable).
In all likelihood, Mac OSX users will go on believing that they are immune from malware. Popular perceptions are almost impossible to eradicate and it will be a long time before the idea that "you don't have to run anti-malware software on a Mac" goes the way of the Dodo.