Friday, March 18, 2011

iPad 2 Not Living up to the Hype!

Other complaints from Apple users
Major Screen Problems
No retina display
No SD slots or USB ports
No NFC support
No Thunderbolt port
No 4G

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iPod touch showing freaky graphical glitches after iOS 4.3 update?


Another issue appears to be plaguing those who've upgraded to iOS 4.3, though thankfully this one won't make them late for work. We're seeing dozens of reports online of iPod touch users, particularly those with fourth generation models, who are seeing odd graphical glitches since updating to 4.3. These are most noticeable on the lock screen, as you can see above and in the focus-challenged video below, but people are reporting other issues as well, like overlapping icons and other pixel oddities. If you're seeing similar weirdness make sure you chime in down at the support forums...
Nice update.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

OS X And Safari First Casualty At Pwn2Own Hacking Contest


The annual “Pwn2Own” contest has just kicked off at CanSecWest, and Apple was the first to fall. A fully-patched Snow Leopard machine running Safari was made to launch an application (Calculator) and write a file, just from visiting a specific web page. It didn’t even crash the browser!

The exploit is in Webkit, meaning it could potentially apply to iOS browsers as well, though that has yet to be demonstrated. And to be fair, most of the other browser/OS combos will get taken down over the next couple days as well.

"I have an exploit all ready to go, and now it's just sitting in my bag,” said Charlie Miller, a three-time Pwn2Own winner, shortly after Bekrar took this year's prize. “You'd think Apple would be concerned about it.”

Miller said he's had the working attack for more than nine months now. Even after Apple patched a whopping 62 Safari security bugs just hours before the contest started, Miller's exploit still worked, he said.

Is anyone surprised?  Apple is always the first to fall. And, yes, MS also fell to the hackers but it took longer. One person that was at the contest said that Safari was cracked in "5 seconds".  Go ahead Apple fans, keeps saying that Apple is more secure.