Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Apple TV Update Bricks Some Systems

from TFTS

[Just Six Days After The 4.4 Update, Apple Releases 4.4.1 With Several Problems Reported From Those Installing It, Leads To Apple Pulling The Update]
If you’re shaking your head right now and wondering why I’m talking about an Apple TV update when I just put up a story about an Apple TV update, your observant nature has shown that something is up. I assure you there are two good reasons to do this: one, this is update 4.4.1, and two, it seems to be having some adverse effects for users that install it.

Apple’s 4.4.1 update for Apple TV was geared toward fixing bugs in the 4.4 update, but as it turned out, it caused more problems than it solved, the biggest of which was reducing your Apple TV box to a paperweight. While in many cases the bricking didn’t seem permanent–many reported that they could fix it with relative ease by plugging it into a USB port and reverting to the 4.4 update, though it does seem a lot easier here just to not install 4.4.1 in the first place and let them fix the update that was set to fix the update.

The problems, however, don’t seem to be universal, with more than a few folks reporting that 4.4.1 went on their system without incident and improved 4.4 nicely. Though at last report, Apple seems to have pulled the 4.4.1 update entirely, so the reports of bricking must have ultimately outweighed the reports that nothing went wrong while having this installed. Either way, it’s part of a strange set of recent failings for Apple–between the reports of poor battery life and yellowing screens on the iPhone 4S and now this, things have been going oddly wrong of late for them.

But what about you guys? Anyone out there install the 4.4.1 update on their systems? Are you finding it’s improved your Apple TV system, or has it made things worse? The more user stories we can hear about this one the better, especially when it comes to making sure our home theater products work as well as they might. So help your fellow Apple TV users out and head on down to the comments section to tell us what you think!


  1. Ok, worked fine for me guess im one of the lucky ones here

  2. Same here. Mine worked OK but my Dads is toast. I've tried every suggestion from the web and Apple itself so far, no luck. He is pretty pissed.