Sunday, December 3, 2017

Number of malware attacks on Macs increased by more than 70%


70% more malware against Macs
In the first three quarters of 2017, the number of malware attacks on Macs increased by more than 70% and PUA (potentially unwanted applications such as adware) by 50% over the previous year (source: F-Secure Labs). The number of threats is growing rapidly as attackers are clearly shifting their efforts towards the often-unprotected Macs.

On October 17, Reuters  reported a security  breach of the Microsoft Vulnerability Tracking System. A violation that occurred  more than four years ago in 2013  . And what was the attack vector related to this security breach? Macs.  That these were Macs, our security adviser Sean Sullivan suspected right from the start.

Back in February 2013, he had correctly deduced that Apple Macs were involved in  a related hack on Twitter  . Given the serious potential damage such hacks could have caused,  Sean wrote :

"People who use their Mac for work should not have the same sense of security as home users. It's obvious that work-based Macs are more of a goal, and security expectations should be scaled according to the threat level. "

Nothing about the current Mac threat landscape has led Sean to question his earlier assessment. If you're using a Mac for business, Sean says, "You need to take the time to rethink your security profile."

The latest analysis from F-Secure Labs  shows that the new malware is predominantly in the spyware category and over a third of the attacks are targeted attacks. That may not surprise anyone:  Macs need protection. However, there are huge differences in how companies have handled the safety of their various endpoints. A quick way to solve this is  to opt for cyber security all-round protection, such as  Protection Service for Business . The new version includes the advanced  XFENCE technology, which provides the next level of Mac security.

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