Thursday, December 31, 2015

Long Island Man Spends 10 Days in Hospital After iPhone Explodes in His Pocket

from "Best of 2015"
A Lindenhurst man recently spent more than a week in the hospital after his iPhone spontaneously exploded in his pocket.

Erik Johnson had reportedly just arrived at his cousin’s wake on Valentine’s Day when his iPhone 5c exploded as he bent down to pick up a set of keys he had dropped.

“I felt the burn instantly and a cloud of smoke instantly,” the 29-year-old told News 12 Long Island. “I couldn’t get the phone out of my pocket, so I had to rip my pants off to get the phone away from me.”

Johnson suffered a third-degree burn the size of a football to to his upper left thigh and spent 10 days in a hospital burn unit. He returned home on Tuesday.

The story was first reported by ABC 7. Johnson told the TV station that he heard a pop and then saw smoke coming from his pocket when he reached down to pick up the keys.

Johnson says his leg caught fire and the intensity of the heat melted his pocket shut.

“A couple of people actually said they could smell my body burning,” Johnson told ABC 7.

Apple says it is investigating the incident. Johnson is planning legal action against the electronics giant.

“Even if this only happened this one time, that’s one time too many,” Johnson’s lawyer, Mike Della, said according to the Daily News. “What if this happened to a child?”

There have been other recent reports of exploding iPhones. In October, an Arizona man claimed his iPhone 6 burst into flames in his pocket following a minor rickshaw accident. Last February, a middle school student in Maine suffered minor injuries after her iPhone 5c exploded in her pocket.


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