Friday, October 11, 2013

'Blue screen of death' attacks some iPhone 5S owners

Users on Apple's support forums say their iPhone 5S units are turning a mean shade of blue and then rebooting.

The infamous "blue screen of death" seems to have expanded from Windows PCs to iPhones.
Several iPhone 5S owners report that their phones are turning a mean shade of blue and then restarting. Users chiming in on the Apple Support Communities and MacRumors forums said the problem occurs when they use the Numbers app in Apple's iWork suite, which comes free with the new iPhones. But a couple of people report that it also happens when using the ESPN ScoreCenter app.
The bug apparently has been present since the phone launched. One of the forum messages is dated September 21, the day after the 5S went on sale. One possible remedy, at least for users running into BSODs with iWork, is to disable iCloud syncing for the iWork suite, according to The Verge.

CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story with any further details.


  1. Why no more entries?

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  3. I know for a fact that I shouldn't get any kind of apple product. I just heard from friends how much a mac sucks and now a blue screen on an apple product XD. I'm stuck with a copy of windows vista though because this isn't my pc, but I'm hoping to get an alienware.

    1. Get Linux. Much better than windows.