Thursday, September 6, 2012

The New iPhone 5 Commercial


  1. Good production values, but ultimately stupid and unfunny. The whole premise is absurd.

    Satire works best when it has some basis in fact. I think this one is way better:

  2. I think it was supposed to be absurd, that was the point. There actually is some truth in there that's why it upset you enough to comment. Button, pushed.

  3. There is no truth whatsoever in the premise that iPhone owners have no life and only take pictures of food (at least not any more so than other smart phone owners).

    On the other hand, I myself have actually said some of the things in the video I linked to. I think it's pretty funny.

  4. Someone's in denial. I know plenty of people (Apple fans included) who agree that it IS factual to a degree. I guess you just aren't ready to face it.

  5. Yeah, the perception is generally that iPhone users are people that only 'think' they're hip. Everyone kinda knows the iPhone is tired and old tech. Phones like the Razor HD and the S3 are 100X better and ever-evolving. Brett, maybe you should stay off this site if you aren't a hater. We don't want you to cry.

  6. @ Hater Brett: Yeah, I'll bet you know Apple fans that agree that Apple owners are losers that only take pictures of food. Sure ya do.

    @ Dillon: The "perception" you refer to is one that haters like to cultivate among themselves. Apple customers are a cross section of the population. The original Apple fans bought Apple products long BEFORE they became hip and popular. They did so because they saw value in Apple's way of doing things. No doubt some of Apple's newer customers are concerned with trendiness and image, but there is more to the iPhone than just being "cool". What's wrong with buying a product that actually satisfies you? Did it ever occur to you that Apple owners might know something that you don't?

    I invite you to watch as the forthcoming iPhone 5 with its "tired old tech" becomes Apple's most successful product yet, despite its "100X better" competition.

    Don't cry because Apple makes a fortune by satisfying its customers (the very definition of a good business). You can hang out with other haters eating sour grapes and bitching about "evil" Apple and its "loser" customers.

  7. Brett,

    I said "factual to a degree" if you care to read it again. Some of them say they know what the spoof is talking about and that there is a hint of truth there. That is the whole reason it is funny. If you still say I'm lying then you must be as well. As for what Dillon said, we don't cry about Apple. We are generally disgusted at the overpricing of products that are not superior and have been proven to be just as vulnerable and susceptible to hacking and the like.

    Sounds like you're the one bitching about being a loser.

  8. I'm curious to know which part of the video your friend (or you for that matter) thought was factual, even to a degree. What hint of truth was there? What aspect of being an iPhone owner was revealed? Are iPhone owners supposed to be more sad and lonely as a group than Android phone owners? How does that work exactly? What is the basis for this belief?

    If anything, I'll bet Apple owners, with their simpler "dumbed down" devices, spend more time living and socializing than the Android geeks who brag about rooting and skinning.

    Keep telling yourself that things are bad in Apple land...

    Android is under attack: New malware threats tripled in Q2

  9. I phones are just as susceptible to problems and hacks as androids. With today's news of the new I phones and data rates, the only people who will buy it, are apple fanatics. The new connector means new accessories, or an adapter. The new data rates specifically for I phones will out a big dent in consumers pockets. There is nothing special about I phones, and side by side, I phones are dumbed down and limited. Whereas android based phones have a greater range of apps, as well as more functional. Apples success is partly, or rather largely based on promotions and building up the hype. Apple sucks, the phones are no better than the rest out there, and their computers are very limited when it comes to software and tech. I have owned both, and just as quickly sold both. I even tried to go back to I phone when the 4 was released, and after a few weeks, sold that too for a more functional and larger android. The funniest is how I phone lovers are willing to pay twice as much for the I phone with more memory, even though it only cost them pennies to add more. Plus apple still uses un-approved labor to cut costs. Apple is all hype, and those who support it and only use apple products, are people who feel the need to feel special and part of a trend. That's not saying that apple doesn't build a good product, but so do other companies. I'm watching news now about new I phone and am laughing my ass off as they are actually analyzing the new camera, like its the biggest thing since sliced bread. Again, apple is all about the hype. Without effective marketing, apple would fall into the shadows, just like many years ago.

  10. "[iPhones] are just as susceptible to problems and hacks as androids." Are they really? Is this your opinion, or can you substantiate the claim with an an actual list of exploits for each platform? While both iOS and Android have been attacked, I'd be willing to bet that Android has the larger hit list.

    "...the only people who will buy [iPhone 5], are apple fanatics." Apparently now all you have to do to be labeled a fanatic is to buy an iPhone5. Who knew? Apparently there will be millions of them now. Fanatics everywhere!

    You attribute Apple success to marketing and hype. You'd have us assume that its competitors never stoop to using such tactics.

    Despite your accusations of poor value, watch as the iPhone pummels the competition in both sales and user satisfaction. No other smart phone from any competitor will top the iPhone 5.

    If you prefer Android, fine. If there are things you need to do that the iPhone doesn't support, don't buy one. But for most people, the iPhone and its massive library of apps are more than adequate. Just don't be so arrogant to assume that an Android phone is the best choice for everyone.

    You haters just don't get it and probably never will.

  11. Here's an Apple fan admitting the truth about what Apple fanatics say.

  12. They do say some of that stuff. And much of it is true too. So what?