Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iCloud Mail Outage Enters Second Day

No silver lining here...

Just about 24 hours ago, we began receiving the first reports of users having difficulties accessing their iCloud mail. Apple acknowledged the outage on its iCloud system status page relatively soon afterward, but noted that the issue only affected about 1% of customers.

Unfortunately for that small fraction of users, the issue has become a relatively major one, as their outage is now extending into a second day with Apple's regular system status updates providing no sign of improvement in holding steady at 1.1% of users being affected.

Apple has given no timeframe for a resolution of the issue beyond stating that "normal service will be restored ASAP", and an Apple spokesperson declined further comment upon being contacted by Macworld.


  1. I was hoping there would be a solution here. My stuff is still down. Dammit I hate Apple. I'm planning on dropping iCloud asap. Thanks

  2. I don't trust anyone's "cloud" solutions.