Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ex-Apple Store Employees Allege Shocking Behavior, Fraud

What's it like working inside one of Apple's shiny, bustling retail stores?
I'm just erased your stuff!!
Gizmodo recently published an exposé  about the "most corrupt Apple Store," based on interviews with two ex-employees who were once active on the Apple selling floor. The anonymous Apple Geniuses, as the retail employees are called, dished on apparently crooked management practices and antics that might make you reconsider leaving your precious MacBook at the Genius Bar overnight.
"[W]e just erase people's hard drives that are assholes," one of the employees told Gizmodo . When asked what happened if people complained, he noted that the customers "signed a form that legally made us not responsible for data."
The "corrupt" Apple Store's regional manager was reportedly no better than her underlings. Gizmodo's sources alleged that  she "heavily discounted computers to local plastic surgeons" in order to receive a stomach stapling procedure. They also claimed that fake transactions were rampant in the store, as was blatant manipulation of the company's return policy.
While this particular Apple Store may be the exception, there have been other less-than-rosy reports about the corporate culture within Apple. Bloomberg News reports  that a former Apple employee is suing the company, claiming that Steve Jobs had guaranteed him a "job for life."
The company also apologized recently for multiple staffing issues that lead to some employee's hours being cut ; the managerial error left stores understaffed and fueled rumors on the blogosphere that Apple was beginning layoffs. John Browett, senior vice president of retail, "instructed leadership teams to tell employees that that the company 'messed up,'" per PC Mag . Apple is not issuing layoffs, according to Browett -- on the contrary, the company is currently hiring.


  1. Horrors! Out of the thousands of Apple store employees, a few exceptions are less than perfect. How is this possible?

    I've got an idea. Let's judge Apple by the worst anecdotes we can find. That way we can assume that everything is rosy in competitor-land and ignore the overwhelming statistics that indicate that Apple's service and support is among the best in the business.

  2. I know plenty of people that hate the Apple support because they just aren't that technical. They only seem to be intelligent because of who they are talking to. Apple customers usually are the less intelligent ones that go for the simpler tech because that's all they can figure out. Top that with the felling that they are smarter than you and you can get some pretty huge pompous assholes.

  3. Brett, The article clearly states that this is the "most corrupt" and "the exception." Are you suggesting it not get reported? Are you suggesting Dave not post this on an anti-Apple website because it's not scientific enough?

    I usually come to this site after hearing someone gush about how their Mac could cure cancer. It's the flip side of the coin, the rest of the story. Similarly, I personally get the urge to watch an atheist documentary after someone tells me I'm going to hell for not believing in the god of their parents' choosing. Although many Apple users believe their company walks on water, this site shows that it doesn't.

    That said, I usually can't wait to get to the end of a post just to read your thin-skinned response. You are part of the entertainment value of this site, so to that I say keep it up!

  4. Yeah, Brett (the fanboy) is ususlly good for a laugh or two. I made the switch from Mac to Windows 7 when it came out and I'm not lying when I say I'm really glad I did. Stability was my main issue. I would have to reboot my Macbook multiple times a day or it would completely lock up and that interrupted my workflow severely. Tech support at the Apple store was no help (I'm not joking) and there was little or no help on the support forums. I didn't have anything weird installed, it simply "didn't work". I voluntarily reboot my W7 Acer laptop every week or two even if it's not needed and it hasn't crashed once, ever. I know someone will probably say that I'm some rare case but even if you take away the crashes, W7 works better, faster and has a nicer feel. To each his own I guess. I prefer a the better system and saving some serious coin.

  5. If your experience was typical, Apple would be in trouble. But it's not and they aren't.

    Glad you like your Windows machine.

  6. That's just the thing, Apple IS in trouble. They pretty much proved it by suing for the stupidest thing. Everyone knows that the devices look and feel NOTHING like each other. Apple just can't help themselves and are trying to kill innovation. They can no longer compete and are failing to be a relevant company anymore regardless of how much they are worth. They charge more, that the only reason they have that much money.

  7. It is a hater's delusional fantasy that Apple is in trouble. Watch what happens in a few weeks when the new iPhone comes out. It will break all sales records.

    Apple's customer's find value in their products, which is why they pay the asking price.

    Only the technically literate can tell what sets various smart phone's apart. Unfortunately, many consumers are woefully ignorant and are easily fooled by superficial appearances. Some will even brag about their new "Samsung iPhone or iPad". They know it not made by Apple, but are convinced that it is equivalent.

    As long as Apple's competitors look to them to define products and markets, Apple will remain relevant