Sunday, June 24, 2012

Apple Acknowledges Malware Vulnerability of its Operating Software

The belief that Mac OS X isn't vulnerable to malware doesn't hold good anymore ever-since Apple itself posted a different security message on its Internet site, published dated June 18, 2012.
Earlier Apple's website message stated that Mac-computers weren't vulnerable to innumerable viruses which inflicted Windows-PCs because of the built-in safeguards within its OS X operating system, which maintained security of the end-user devoid of any action from his end.
But very recently, Apple altered its statement. It posted that built-in safeguards within the OS X maintained security of the end-user against inadvertent take downs of malware on his Mac. Apple as well altered the saying that 'OS X didn't receive computer viruses' to 'OS X was created to be secured.'
When enquired regarding its message's alteration, Apple refrained from responding then as also now. Security specialists think the company possibly is engaged with the malware-writers' focus on it of late. Surely, Apple won't allow the risk of its reputation of providing safe modules tarnished. That means, Apple has become aware that people will little believe its claims given that its "hack-proof" computers were currently confirmed being simply as malware-vulnerable as other systems.
For example, only some months back, it was found that the Flashback malicious program had contaminated around 600,000 Mac PCs worldwide of which 274 were from Cupertino (USA) the homeland of Apple.
Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley for Sophos states that it's nowadays a reality to have Mac malware, with routine end-users discovering infections on their PCs. While the issue mayn't be similarly great like Windows infections, nonetheless, it's there, he continues. published this dated June 18, 2012.
Cluley further states that Sophos of late analyzed that 1 in 36 Mac PCs became contaminated with OS X malicious software therefore the problem is genuine. According to him, Apple appears as getting slightly more intrepid towards admitting it, adding that Apple marketing unit's drive for the altered messages is certain significant baby-steps.
Expectedly, Apple products' consumers will give little credence to the company's exaggerated supremacy regarding its operating system and instead practice adopting standard security rules such as loading anti-virus software.


  1. This is how it starts. Next Apple will force people to use only Apple approved AV software that will cost $$$, then they will fall victim to a major virus or malware attack, then they will be gone.

  2. We don't have to wish. This can happen to even the largest tech company. Admitting weakness is puts you on a slippery slope. Sounds like you're in denial.

  3. In order to be in denial, there would have to be something factual to deny. All of what Anonymous posted above was fantasy and conjecture.

    Apple didn't "admit weakness". True, they are no longer stressing the Mac's relative freedom from malware as a selling point. But there are still plenty of other differentiating factors that make Macs appealing to Apple's target demographic. The Mac is not a one trick pony.

    The projected doomsday scenario is just made up. While Apple IS adding sandboxing features to its next OS version (a good thing, in my opinion), the user will still be able to freely install whatever third party software they desire. Currently there is plenty of free Mac security software for those who feel they need it, and don't want to pay anything.

    The notion that Apple will actually be driven out of business ("be gone") by malware is outrageous FUD. They have shown themselves capable of responding to such threats. This year's panic over a Java-based trojan made no dent in Mac sales. Patches were issued and life goes on.

    But haters can always wish.

  4. There ARE facts. Macs can get viruses and are vulnerable to attack and Apple has been notorious for forcing users to do things the 'Apple' way. Apple has also been extremely slow in the patch process so a bad attack would likely spread before they would react. It's not really far-fetched Brett. Besides the pretty look of Mac there really is nothing special about them.

  5. Apple and every other company out there only care about one thing: Making money.

    Where is costumer satisfaction?

    When purchasing a product we expect to know all the deficiencies that it comes with in order to decide whether or not to buy it. This also helps us take precautions to prevent it from damage.

    Keep lying to us for as long as you want. There will always be people that support you for no real reason.

    Don't call me a hater and a liar for this. Open your freaking eyes and quit sucking up only because you own every single product that they come out with.

    I own several of their products.

    "I don't care about being right, I just care about success" - Steve Jobs

  6. Where is costumer [sic] satisfaction?

    According to surveys, Apple has been tops in customer satisfaction for years. Apple became the success it is in large part because of repeat business and word of mouth recommendations of satisfied customers.

    Don't be disappointed if give your hate mongering less weight than my own ongoing positive personal experience with Apple equipment since 1984.

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