Monday, May 14, 2012

Kaspersky exec calls Mac OS "really vulnerable"

The Macintosh is an impenetrable fortress of malware-free computing, right? In recent years, we’ve certainly seen that image eroded a bit, thanks to a number of nasty outbreaks. And if you listen to Nikolay Grebennikov, the CTO of security software maker Kasperksy, things have the potential to be much worse. The executive told British site Computing that the company was invited to improve Cupertino’s security, only to discover that, “Mac OS is really vulnerable.” Grebennikov also had some rather unfortunate news for all the iPad and iPhone owners out there, telling the site, “Our experience tells us that in the near future, perhaps in a year or so, we will see the first malware targeting iOS.


  1. Meh.

  2. Yeah, Apple's vulnerabilities are widespread and well-known at this point. The fact that most of the users are unprepared for it is amusing though. Nothing new.

  3. I'll bet these smart PC users were sorry that they prepared by using Symantec AV software…

    "A bug in an update of Symantec Corp's anti-virus software caused some Windows PCs to crash, making machines inoperable until they were serviced in an embarrassing episode that angered some customers.

    The company disclosed the problem on its website, saying that an update to its widely used Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 anti-virus software for businesses caused some PCs running Windows XP software to crash repeatedly, showing what is known as the "blue screen of death."