Monday, October 17, 2011

Funny Cartoon from the Onion


  1. Haters are pathetic losersOctober 26, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    According to:

    "An editorial cartoon drawn by "Kelly", a fictional character; the cartoons are actually the work of Ward Sutton.[36] The comic—the most controversial feature in The Onion[9]—is a deadpan parody of conservative cartoons, as well as editorial cartoon conventions in general.[36] Roughly half of the cartoons feature the Statue of Liberty, usually shedding a single tear."

    These "cartoons" are notoriously stupid and unfunny (the way the cartoons they lampoon are stupid and unfunny) which I suppose is the point.

    You've been had.

  2. I think its hilarious. Great post and the iCloud sucks.

  3. I agree, it's a really funny cartoon. Looks like you're the pathetic loser with no sense of humor. Who the hell cares who it's drawn by?


  4. Jelly of what?

    Here are some tips on creating dumb cartoons like this from the cartoonist himself:,28369/

    By the way, there is no law against adapting ideas from science fiction. Copying the patented designs of your competitor's real existing products is where you run into trouble, especially if you are a Johnny-come-lately like Samsung who waits for someone like Apple to prove that a concept is manufacturable and desirable before deciding to rip off the design in order to confuse the market and steal customers.

    Face it, losers. Apple takes the chances and does the hard work to define desirable products, while everyone else just follows in their footsteps. Some follow too close. It's been that way since the early days of Apple.

    1. Wow, Brett... The joke is on you. Now that Apple has failed to produce anything new since Jobs died, all of the product development of Apple "team" seems to have been entirely the province of one man. Goodbye Apple!

      And you are a humorless stereotype of the Apple user.