Friday, March 4, 2011

The Secret Behind Apples "Magic" Revealed!

This was too friggin funny.  Thanks College Humor!


  1. Cute and entertaining, but the final message just isn't true. Apple doesn't sell exactly the same "junk" as everyone else. While Steve Jobs is a master showman, there are some exclusive aspects and features of Apple products that no competitors offer.

    While not everyone appreciates Apple's design priorities (especially the iHaterz), that doesn't mean that everyone who uses and loves Apple products is a fool who has been bamboozled by slick marketing.

  2. That was very funny. I think the final message was true. Their "exclusive aspects" are the strict limitations of the devices and itunes and the features are also limited. Can you drag whatever files you want directly to your iDevice or use it without itunes? No. I have used apple products and found them to be no better than anything else. They crash, have errors, fail, break, just like everything else. It really is pretty apparent, when you look at it objectively, that Apple's strongest product is it's PR and marketing.

  3. I get it. Apple is not for Mr. Anonymous. Fine. Go in peace.

    Not everyone wants to micromanage their music by dragging individual files from device to device, but Anonymous is so self-absorbed, that he can't conceive of anyone having other priorities.

    Sure, Apple products are neither perfect nor ideal for everyone, but there are millions of satisfied customers who understand and are willing to accept Apple's minimalist design tradeoffs. A completely open and flexible system can be overwhelming to the average user who just wants to just use his device to do a few things, and not spend his time researching options, installing mods, and adjusting settings.

    Windows tablets, bristling with ports, and totally extensible (designed by nerds for other nerds) languished for a decade. Then along come the relatively limited iPad, which takes the world by storm. There's a lesson here.

    People like Anonymous just can't get it through their thick heads and probably never will.

  4. As for music playing dragging some files to my devices is the least of my worries, trust me, you make it sound like it's hard. Maybe for you it is. I can go anywhere and copy files right to my device without having to go to one specific machine with iTunes. Also, I've never had to research options, install any mods or adjust any settings. My basic mp3 player works perfectly fine, it holds 16gb of music and movies (in lots of file formats), has an FM radio, voice recorder, the battery lasts me weeks and it was only $49. It is very simple to use, it has a nice color screen with easy buttons and graphical options. I can't imagine 1 single solitary thing that a $200 ipod would have that this doesn't.

    As far as tablets go, I'm not sure why people think "ports" = "nerds". I think it means expansion, choice, options and usability. I've seen several articles (including Apples own support forum page) where Apple fans beg and pray for SD card slots among other options. Are those people nerds or forward-thinking Apple geniuses?

  5. I'm glad that your choice in music players works for you. I'm not trying to convince you to buy an iPod (or anything Apple for that matter). But plenty of people have no need to load songs directly to their music player from more than one computer. They keep a single central library on their main computer and are ok with iTunes figuring out where to file their music. They don't want to mess around manually creating folders to keep everything organized. They like iTunes ability to create smart playlists and transfer them to their iPods, iPhone and iPads when they are plugged into the computer for a recharge.

    Use what you like. My point is that doing things the Apple way works for lots of other people.

    As you mention, there certainly are some Apple users who, though they like much of what Apple does, still wish for more flexibility. For instance, I personally thought that Apple should have made an inexpensive upgradable minitower computer instead of the tiny Mac Mini. But Apple recognizes that trying to please everyone is a losing proposition, and the vast majority of consumers that Apple caters to really value simplicity even if it is sometimes limiting.

    I am willing to forgo some of my wish list, because, all things considered, I find the Apple experience better that the alternative. Clearly Apple's decisions, frustrating that they may be to some, have yielded a growing user base of mostly satisfied customers along with great financial success.

    The marketplace is big enough for Apple and others to compete and service the different needs of their customers. I am glad there is at least one company (Apple) who values esthetics, the user experience, and integrated solutions above raw features and spec lists.

  6. I am pretty sure Apple made youtube delete the video :( I couldnt watch it...

  7. No. Being a hater, you naturally assume that Apple was behind the deletion of the video, because, well, everything is Apple's fault.

    I'd like to think that the person who originally posted the video finally got around to actually trying an Apple product and realized just how wrong they were (as many switchers have). I have just as much reason for believing this as you do in your theory.