Monday, December 20, 2010


I found this amusing....


  1. Funny? Perhaps. But misleading and woefully out of date. Plenty of people used the stock Macbook Air without adding any of the options shown and were quite happy.

    Today's MacBook Air is a an even better value.

    Apple products are typically ridiculed initially, and then the other shoe drops, and they are copied shamelessly. Watch how many Macbook Air clones appear in 2012.

  2. Apple users tend to be happy with anything Apple sells them. iPad users are quite happy with all the limitations iPad has now... until the new iPad will be released and they will buy it because it will come with all the things that now are missing and that are already in other tablets.
    There has been small, thin laptops before the first Macbook Air was released, maybe it's Apple that has cloned something that already existed.

  3. Apple users tend to be happy because the products generally work well and are a joy to use. Apple may not always be the first with a particular feature, but when they do play catch up, their implementation is often the best.

    The original MacBook Air was the first ultra-thin with a full-sized back-lit keyboard, 13.3" screen and a Core 2 Duo (not an Atom) processor. It was not cheap but it filled a niche that no one had previously addressed.

  4. Linus Torvalds LOVES His MacBook Air

    1. And the first thing he did was wipe it clean and install a REAL OS on it... Linux.

  5. It seems that he was only impressed with the design. He even admitted he was not an Apple fan. The Acer UltraBooks, for one example, blow away the Air for a fraction of the price. And there are many others out there giving the consumer a choice. Imagine that.