Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apple Sucks!

Apple is a company run by a power-hungry lunatic that makes underpowered, overpriced devices.  The only concern Steve Jobs has is that his products look good.  If that means sacrificing quality or functionality, "so be it" he says.  Let me know what you think! (and don't hold back)


  1. Glad to have you on board Dave! Thanks for helping to spread the word about the rotten fruit.

  2. It may make you happy to rag on Apple, but to to see the future of this site, check out: http://apple.cansuckmyballs.com/

  3. That "suckmyballs" site was pretty funny.

  4. Woop, looks like I hit the end of the archive.

    You missed that whole "You will sell your content in-app, we will take 30%, and you cannot boost your in-app price to compensate." Yeah, Apple, a "finder's fee"? Recruiters/headhunters don't get 30% of someone's salary for the whole fucking time they worked there, and you shouldn't get 30% of all their fucking sales. That, and demanding a specific price on your platform is very distinctly anti-competitive.

    Not to mention that iTunes ships on the device, yet it appears to be the *only* mobile platform that doesn't have support for Amazon MP3 (which, unlike iTunes, doesn't funnel profits into Apple). Honest contractual obligations, or old fashioned monopoly abuse?

    Hello everyone. I bought an iPod touch... from the biggest asshole company there is. The alleged 'magic' has failed to materialize, and all I have left is this awesome hardware and its deliberately crippled software.

    A jailbreak is more or less inevitable when the warranty ends. My, that icon looks nice on you, Cydia......

  5. Nicely put Anon. iTunes sucks and everyone knows it. Let's watch as the defenders roll in...

  6. Apple's 30% cut of book and app purchases is not actually unreasonable compared to the conventional costs of distribution and retailing.

    Regarding periodical subscriptions, the 30% Apple charges is an easily absorbed cost of doing business. And Apple only gets it when users subscribe directly from their iOS devices. Publishers can grandfather in their current print subscribers, and can continue to sell subscriptions through other channels without paying Apple a cent.

    What publishers really object to is that Apple will not automatically supply them with subscriber info. (Apple gives users the option of refusing to pass that on). Publishers love to spam and resell their subscriber mailing lists. Apple won't do that. Good for Apple. More power to the users!.

    Because there is currently no way to make Amazon music purchases directly on iOS devices, I'll grant that as a valid criticism. I think Apple's original intent was that users would do their purchasing on their computer and then sync the media while recharging their iOS device. At home, I have no problem whatsoever buying MP3 music from Amazon and having it automatically download and install into my Mac's iTunes library. Amazon did a good job integrating it's client software.

    While buying music from Amazon may not "funnel profits into Apple", it certainly funnels profits into Amazon. As a user, it makes little difference to me. I don't view either company as the enemy.

    To be honest, I still prefer to buy physical CDs. They simply sound better on a good sound system, can be ripped with whatever resolution and in any format that I choose, are archival, collectable, and have resale value